In order to promote awareness and convenient access to information, Green Haven Shelter for Women has developed educational resources for the community, our supporters, and our clients. Browse through these resources to further understand violence against women and to quickly access information on how to find support.

Signs of Abuse

There are many different types of abuse and it isn’t always easy to recognize red flags. Although there are well known abusive behaviours, it is important to be able to recognize the less common or more subtle types of abuse, as well.

Safety Planning

Whether you are in abusive relationship, preparing to leave, or have already left, it is important to have a clear safety plan in place to minimize your risk of danger.

Resources in Our Community

If you’re looking for any kind of support, we have compiled a list of the various community resources offered in Orillia and the surrounding area. These include shelters, legal support, mental health support, and more.

Cover Your Tracks: Digital Privacy

Is it possible that someone is monitoring your search history or online activities? We offer some tips and tricks to help you manage your digital footprint and maintain your online privacy.