Child and Youth Services

All children have the right to safety.

We understand that children who have experienced or witnessed abuse need access to specialized support.

Our team is dedicated to helping you and your children live free from violence.

Child and Youth Supportive Services

Recreational & Play Activities

Our Child and Youth Worker offers the dependent children of women in the shelter a safe and supportive environment to play and decompress. Children can attend scheduled activities, or when possible, spend time with the Child and Youth Worker while parents are attending meetings or seeking downtime.

Individual & Group Support

two women sitting on a couch chatting

Sometimes children and youth just need someone to listen. At Green Haven Shelter for Women, your children can connect one on one with our Child and Youth Worker. We also will arrange group support for the youth to connect with their peers in a safe, judgment-free environment to explore their feelings and experiences.

Child-Friendly Safety Planning

Understanding that many of the children at the shelter are leaving abusive homes, our team is trained to create safety plans with youth. This can prepare your children for identifying unsafe situations and helps them to create practical solutions. These plans may be related to school environments, visits with abusive family members, etc.

School Support & Community Connection

Keeping up with school homework and projects during this transition can be overwhelming. Our Child and Youth Worker offers school support to youths at the shelter. We also can connect your children with any other community supports, such as Choices for Children, Big Brothers/Sisters, or New Path, etc.

Note: At Green Haven Shelter for Women, we require that school-age children be enrolled in school and attending regularly (in person or virtually). The shelter is within walking distance from a public school, and is also on the school and city bus routes.

Accessing the Child and Youth Services

Our program is open to the children residing at Green Haven Shelter for Women, as well as referrals made from out Community Outreach team. At this time, we are not able to provide public support. If you are looking for community based support for your children, we will help you get connected with local day care agencies and child minding services. Additionally, you can refer to our Community Resources Page.

Note: We do not offer babysitting services. However, if you have a meeting at the shelter or simply need some down time, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and support your children during that time.

Confidentiality: All information about your children will be kept private. However, the Green Haven Shelter for Women has a duty to report any concerns related to child abuse or neglect to Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions.