Intake Process

Making the decision to leave an abusive home is a courageous act, but also extremely overwhelming and riddled with uncertainty. The Green Haven Shelter for Women staff team is here for you every step of the way. We have provided this list of general steps that take place during our Intake Process to help you know what to expect and to prepare for your transition into a safe environment.

Step 1: Initial Call to Our Crisis Line

When you first call in to inquire about shelter space, you can expect the voice on the other end to be supportive and ready to listen to your story. We are going to ask some questions to assess your safety and to gain a better understanding of your unique situation.

Please know that we are conducting an assessment to make sure that the Green Haven Shelter for Women is the best choice for you (and any of your dependent children).

Step 2: Understanding our Wait List

If together we decide that Green Haven Shelter for Women is the right service for you at this time, then you will be added to our Resident Wait List. We know that you may be looking to explore more immediate options. Our staff team will problem solve with you to ensure you have a safe place to stay while you wait.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee a timeline, but that you have not been forgotten. We will contact you as soon as space has opened up for you.

However, we ask that you check in regularly with us while you wait. This lets us know of any changes in your situation, and confirms for us that you are still in need of space.

Step 3: Receive Offer for Residence

Once we have space available for you, we will invite you to come begin the Intake Process.

When we first contact you, we will also go over some guidelines and let you know what you expect upon arrival. Some examples include our bedbug protocol and COVID-19 protocols.

Because of the limited number of bags you are able to bring, we have helped you plan what to pack.

Step 4: Arrive at Green Haven Shelter for Women

Address: 570 Sundial Dr, Orillia, ON

When you arrive, ring the entrance buzzer in front of a yellow door our staff team will greet you.

We will need to complete a COVID-19 Screening, as well as put all of your clothes into the dryer as a part of our bedbug protocol. We will also give you a tour of the shelter at this time.

Step 5: Complete Intake Documentation

We will do our best to ensure that the intake process runs as smoothly as possible.

We will want to be up to date on your story, safety plan with you, and complete the intake documentation.

Please know that this will take approximately two hours.

Step 6: Be Assigned Your Private Room

You will now be brought to your private space for yourself and any dependent children.

Here, you can start to unpack and will be given the code to your own personal safe to store any important documentation or items.

We will go over some more important security and safety information with you.

Step 6: Make Sure Your Basic Needs Are Met

Because of our two bag limit, there may be some basic necessities or clothing items that you need that you weren’t able to bring. Or maybe you simply never had them. We will provide you with articles of clothing, hygiene products, or any other items you need to be comfortable.

Step 7: Settle In and Get Some Rest

Know that you are safe and supported at Green Haven Shelter for Women. The shelter is staffed 24/7 and we will never disclose to anyone that you are residing with us or any other information about you (except in extreme circumstances).

Your stay with us will last for six weeks, with the possibility for extension. We will be there to support you with finding safe housing and to get you connected with various community resources. Once you’re settled in and ready, come have a chat with us about what your next steps are.

For more questions about our Intake Process, contact us at
705-327-7319 or

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