Purpose, Mission, Aims, and Beliefs

Promoting the Empowerment of Women

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Green Haven Shelter for Women is a community-based, non-profit, charitable organization which provides services including 24-hour safe emergency shelter; a crisis line; crisis counselling; information about community resources; emergency transportation; transitional housing support; and outreach and follow-up for women and their dependent children who are experiencing abuse.

Green Haven Shelter for Women is a feminist organization and it is our mission to promote the rights of women and their children to live in an environment of mutual respect. Through public education and advocacy, we effect social change and eliminate violence against women.

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  1. Provide services to women with lived experience of violence in a consistent, supportive, and respectful manner.
  2. Create new options and choices for women by advocating for effective change within government, legal institutions, and social and medical services.
  3. Assist women in their efforts to explore available options in a manner which promotes personal empowerment and autonomy.
  4. Recognize and respond to the unique and special needs of children who have witnessed violence against women.
  5. Work towards ensuring that our properties and services are physically, geographically, linguistically, culturally, and financially accessible.
  6. Work cooperatively, share information, resources, and expertise, establish effective partnerships, and support joint initiatives with other agencies and organizations.
  7. Educate the public about violence against women and children.
  8. Provide meaningful opportunities for individuals and groups to support the philosophy, mandate, and values of Green Haven Shelter for Women through volunteer activities, financial contributions, and/or in-kind donations.

  • Our Beliefs #1: We are part of the global community of women
  • Our Beliefs #2: When working for equality for women, we are working for equality for all.
  • Our Beliefs #3: All persons have the right to live free from violence.
  • Our Beliefs #4: All persons have the right to safe, affordable housing.
  • Our Beliefs #5: Violence against women and children crosses all economic, social, religious, and cultural boundaries.
  • Our Belief #6: Legal institutions must actively contribute to the elimination of violence against women and children.
  • Our Beliefs #7: All persons living within our local, national, and international communities share responsibility for ending this violence.
  • Our Beliefs #8: Women have the right and ability to be in control of their lives and to make choices which best meet the needs of themselves and their children.
  • Our Beliefs #9:  Women have the right to make independent choices and decisions about their lives and the services they receive.
  • Our Beliefs #10: Services for women who have experienced violence should be available free of charge.
  • Our Beliefs #11: Children who witness or experience violence have the right to receive the specialized support and services.
  • Our Beliefs #12: We have a responsibility to access and use financial and human resources that reflect Green Haven's purpose, mission, and aims.

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