1.888.285.6958 crisis@ghws.ca

Contact Us

In order to best suit your needs or inquiries, please have a look at our contact list below.
There are many ways you can connect with us.

Click on each email to open up a contact form and send us a message.

If you need help:

Please connect with our Crisis Line immediately:
Local: 705-327-7319
Toll-Free: 1-888-285-6958
Email: crisis@ghws.ca

If you wish to donate unused items to the shelter:

Please connect with our Operations Department:
Local: 705-327-7383 EX 226
Email: operations@ghws.ca

For fundraising, speaking engagements, programs/services inquiries:

Executive Director – Liz Westcott
Local: 705-327-7383 EX 223
Email: director@ghws.ca

Program Contact Information:

Community Outreach Services
Local: 705-329-2806
Email: outreach@ghws.ca

Transitional Housing Support Services
Local: 705-327-7383 ext. 222
Email: transition@ghws.ca

Child and Youth Services
Local: 705-327-7383 EX 225
Email: youth@ghws.ca

For monetary donation inquiries:

Please connect with our Finance Department:
Local: 705-327-7383 EX 234
Fax: 705-327-0342
Email: finance@ghws.ca