How We Can Help

We are here for you.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves freedom from violence and access to support. Our services and programs offer shelter access, community outreach services, child and youth support, ongoing advocacy, educational resources, and so much more.

24/7 Crisis Support:

Local: 705-327-7319 | Toll Free: 1-888-285-6958

Services That Meet Your Needs

Emergency Shelter

Self-identifying women (and their children) who are experiencing abuse and seeking a safe place to stay.

24/7 Crisis Support

Individuals who are not in immediate danger looking to speaking to our Crisis Support Team.

Outreach Services

For those living in the community looking to access individual support, peer groups, etc.

Child and Youth Support

For women residing at Green Haven Shelter looking to access support and resources for their dependent children.

VAW Resources

What is considered violence? How can I recognize the signs? How can I support people who are experiencing violence?