Hosting a Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event in support of Green Haven Shelter for Women! Third-Party Events are a great way to have fun with family, friends, and colleagues all while raising funds for programs and services supporting survivors of gender-based violence in Orillia and the surrounding area.

All events, whether large or small, take planning and work. This guide is designed to provide you with some helpful tips to ensure your event’s success.

1. Choosing Your Fundraiser

If you don’t yet have an idea about the type of fundraiser you would like to host, we can help you plan! There are many ways that you can raise funds for Green Haven Shelter for Women in your community.

At HomeIn The CommunityIn The Workplace
Afternoon Tea
Oscar Night Party
Board Game Night
Scrapbook Event
Super Bowl Party
Haunted House
Henna Party
Garage Sale
Lemonade Stand
Birthday Party Fundraiser
Gift Wrapping Stand
Concerts/Battle of the Bands
Dinner and Dance
Scavenger Hunts
Car Wash
Local Talent Night
Fashion Show
Motorcycle / Bicycle Ride
Bathtub Derby
Trivia Night
Euchre Night
Fitness Challenge
Karaoke Party
International Food Fair
Pancake Breakfast
Flower Sale
Tournaments (Golf, hockey)
“A-Thons” (walk, bike, bowl)
Peer to Peer Contests
Pie Throwing
Ugly Tie Contest
Casual Fridays/Mondays
Bottle Drive
2. Registering Your Fundraiser (IMPORTANT)

We request that all fundraisers be registered with us in advance. This helps to keep us in the loop, advertise (if applicable), ensure all charity details are accurate, and give the proper thanks to you and anyone involved in the fundraiser.

Please download the GHSW Fundraiser Application and submit it to at your earliest convenience.

3. Creating a Budget

How will your fundraiser raise money?

  • Pledge-Based: Each participants gathers pledges from their inner circles
  • Donations: Each participant makes a donation themselves
  • Event Registration Fee: Ticket costs
  • Sale of Items: Set prices, auctions, raffle tickets

We recommend setting a fundraising goal and communicating this goal to all of your participants and volunteers. This can motivate your participants and help you ensure your fundraiser is a success!

We also recommend considering what expenses will you have. Can these be minimized with community donations or sponsorships? Will some of the money raised be going towards these expenses?

4. Devising a Plan

Enlist the help of others to help plan and organize your event. If you have a committee, give each person a specific task to be in charge of, such as:

  • Promotion of your event
  • Event day logistics and set up
  • Ticket sales, pledges and/ or registration collection

With help of your committee, determine the basics of your fundraiser:

  • Date of the fundraiser
  • Location of the fundraiser (Will you need to rent a space? Do they have a not-for-profit rate?)
  • Will you require a permit? (ex. Special Occasion Permit, City or Town Permit, Raffle License, Proof of Insurance, review guidelines from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Check out online fundraising platforms such as CanadaHelps for an easy way to set up a personal fundraising page or Echo Age to set up your fundraising campaign
  • Do they offer seating, tables, microphones, speakers, lighting?
  • Will you need additional volunteers and support?
5. Promoting Your Fundraiser

Spreading the word about your event is critical to its success. Upon approval of your event, we will forward a copy of our logo for you to use for promotional purposes.

Here are some tips on promoting your fundraiser:

  • Posters and Flyers: Create posters ensuring you include all relevant event details to promote your event. Please send your poster to for approval before distributing it.
    • Potential Locations: Local restaurants, grocery stores, community centres, libraries, cafes
  • Online Promotions: Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all great ways to spread the word about your event. Also, check out online event boards and calendars serving your community such as online newspapers, magazine boards, community centre websites, etc.
  • Media: If you are planning a large event, you might consider sending a press release to local newspapers, radio and TV stations to get editors interested in doing an advance story or covering your event. If a reporter does contact you, tell them about your event, what you have planned, and why you are running it.
    • If the reporter has any specific questions about Green Haven Shelter for Women – please refer them directly to us at

Please review the Fundraising Guidelines below at your earliest convenience.

6. Collecting and Submitting Funds

All funds are to be submitted to Green Haven Shelter for Women within 20 days of the event. Funds can be submitted via a cheque, cash, or online. With prior notification, a cheque presentation and photo opportunity may be arranged. We greatly appreciate your gift!

Tax Receipts

Green Haven Shelter for Women will provide a tax receipt for the following:

  • Direct personal or corporate donations of $20.00 or over (unless otherwise requested by donor)
  • In-Kind donations where the value documentation is provided by the original donor/business
  • Tickets (sports events, theatre, ballet, etc.) where the value is either noted on the ticket or a payment receipt is provided

Green Haven Shelter for Women CANNOT provide a tax receipt for the following:

  • Gifts of promises or pledges (gift certificates donated by the issuer, hotel accommodation)
  • Payment of basic fee for an event
  • Gifts where the value or benefit of the donation cannot be determined
  • Lottery or raffle tickets
  • Name of true donor(s) cannot be determined – one person cannot benefit from gifts made by multiple donors
  • Sponsorship(s)

Thank you for raising funds for Green Haven Shelter for Women! We would love to hear about your event. Please share with us your successes, challenges, and any videos/photos from the fundraiser!

Your contribution helps us to go above and beyond for our clients. It shows the community that you stand with survivors of gender-based violence and are taking action to see supportive services thriving in your community. Our work could not be done without passionate community members. Thank you.

crop group stacking hands together

Fundraising Guidelines

Fundraising Guidelines

1. Prior approval to hold a third party event is required. Approval is based on the type, theme andfinancial viability of the event. Green Haven Shelter for Women reserves the right to withhold the useof its name and logo from any event, initiative, promotion, performance or presentation it feels isinappropriate.2. All promotional materials must state that your event is “in support” of Green Haven Shelter forWomen.3. Taking commission, for any purpose, on funds raised as part of a third party event is prohibited.4. The thirdparty organizer is responsible for meeting all municipal/ provincial or federal standards andfulfill all legal authorization(s), permits(s), License(s), precaution(s) and / or general liability insurancerequired to organize the event. Green Haven Shelter for Women accepts no legal responsibility andcannot be held liable for any risk, injury, or otherwise.5. The thirdparty event organizer will be responsible for all costs related to the event and will handle allmonies until the official donation is submitted to Green Haven Shelter for Women. Event expenses areto be deducted before sending proceeds to Green Haven Shelter for Women. Green Haven Shelter forWomen shall incur no costs unless otherwise agrees in writing prior to the event or promotion.6. Green Haven Shelter for Women will not solicit or approach donors, sponsors, supporters orcorporations on behalf of the ThirdParty Event nor will we provide contact, donor email lists.7. When tax receipts are requested, the third party event organizer is responsible for collecting thenames, addresses, and contact information of all donors, and is required to send the appropriatematerial to Green Haven Shelter for Women within 30 days of the event. Green Haven shelter forWomen will issue official income tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.Refer to tax Receipting section for details.8. While Green Haven Shelter for Women will always try to accommodate requests for a representativeor speaker to attend an event or cheque presentation, we cannot guarantee availability.9. The thirdparty event organizer agrees to ensure that all materials borrowed are returned promptlyand in the same condition they were received. The organizer agrees to accept responsibility for damageor loss of materials borrowed from Green Haven Shelter for Women.10. Green Haven Shelter for Women will not be responsible for mailing materials to attendees/participants or volunteers, other than the mailing of applicable tax receipts11. The thirdparty event organizer agrees to handle all monetary transactions for the event and topresent the proceeds to Green Haven Shelter for Women within 20 days of the event.Green Haven Shelter for WomenPO Box 612 Stn Main Orillia ON L3V 6K5